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Posted on 04-04-2014

Product Names
 There are regulations on what a pet food can be called, based on the ingredients present:

  • 100% Chicken 
    • Chicken and only chicken is the main ingredient. The food can contain preservatives, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Chicken for cats 
    • Chicken is at least 95% of the product, not counting water. When water is counted, chicken is still 75% or more of the product
    • If 2 animal products are listed in the name (“Chicken and Liver”) the 2 ingredients combined must comprise 95% or more and the first must be present in higher amounts than the second
      • only applies to ingredients of animal origin (“Lamb and Rice” – lamb must be 95%)
  • Chicken Dinner/Supper/Nuggets/Entree 
    • Chicken is present >= 25% and <95% not including water for processing. Chicken is probably 3-4 on the list.
    • If 2 ingredients are in the product name, both (regardless of whether they are of animal origin) must total >=25% (“Lamb and Rice Dinner” must have >=25% lamb and rice combined)
  • Chicken Flavored 
    • Flavor source is chicken in sufficient amounts to be detected by animals. Flavors are often obtained from digests (materials treated with heat or enzymes)
  • Cat Food With Chicken 
    • Contains at least 3% chicken
  • “Light, Lean, or Reduced” 
    • Dog Food
      • Dry: 1409 kcal/pound; <9% fat
      • Semimoist: 1136 kcal/pound; <=7% fat
      • Canned: 409 kcal/pound; <=4% fat
    • Cat Food
      • Dry: 1477 kcal/pound; <=10% fat
      • Semimoist: 1205 kcal/pound; <=8% fat
      • Canned: 432 kcal/pound; <=5% fat

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